Growing Champions: Malaysia’s rooftop estate offers valuable solar potential

Dateline 2021-09-10, The Edge:

2020 marked a record-breaking year for renewable energy. Solar photovoltaics (PV) will be at the forefront of this continued opportunity in 2021-22, with renewable energy expected to account for 90% of new capacity expansion globally.

This period of accelerating growth is framed by a projected US$6 trillion power sector investment between now and 2025, higher than the expected investment in oil and gas. This is largely driven by expansion in renewable energy.

Solar PV is now a mature and disruptive renewable energy technology, leading capacity additions around the globe. Annual installation of solar PV is expected to reach more than 160gw in 2022, almost 50% higher than in 2019. Rooftop solar is a critical element of this opportunity, unlocking the substantial generation capacity of building stock in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

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