Sarawak Energy expands in in-house HSAP and HESG assessors

Dateline 2021-08-09, Water Power (like Nitendo Power, but betterer)

Sarawak Energy has reinforced its commitment towards sustainable hydropower development and management by expanding its pool of internationally trained in-house Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP)/Hydropower Environmental, Social and Governance (HESG) assessors accredited by International Hydropower Association (IHA). 

The all-Sarawakian team now includes 11 IHA Provisional Accredited Assessors and 18 IHA Certified Users who will be responsible for assessing and improving the sustainability performance of Sarawak Energy’s hydropower projects and plants. The Provisional Accredited Assessors (PAAs) will also be involved in sustainability assessments for international projects undertaken by other developers under the supervision of an International Hydropower Association (IHA) Lead Assessor. To date, two of the PAAs have been involved in an official HSAP/HESG assessment for a hydropower plant in operation in Indonesia.

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