She used to swing sledgehammers in an oil & gas job, now she makes delicate choc bombs

Dateline 2021-05-XX, Vulcan Post:

“Sad is an understatement,” described Sofia who was laid off from her job at an international oil and gas company last year. Worldwide lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19 had caused a downturn in demands for oil, which led to Sofia’s fate as a former Field Engineer. 

“I was committed to my work and spent longer days working (even on weekends) rather than spending time at home. For someone who was career oriented, it was not easy to face the reality of being unemployed,” she added. 

In the back of her mind though, the 27-year-old always knew that fieldwork wasn’t for her. Despite working a STEM graduate’s dream job, the sun’s scorching heat and the laborious tasks of handling 60-inch sledgehammers became too much for her.

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