Solar is the way to go

I think the way to go is, better, environmentally friendly battery / super capacitor technology, and overall low env impact PV panels.

Dateline 2020-10-22, The Malaysian Reserve:

IF ALL the roofs in Peninsular Malaysia are fitted with solar panels, the power that is generated could easily satisfy the entire country’s current demand for electricity.

Yet, the decision to instal solar panels still hinges on how costly the initial investment is, despite the long-term benefit of lower monthly electric bill charges.

Despite campaigning that solar power is the best alternative to non-renewable energy (RE) that is mainly derived from fossil fuels, the take-up rate among Malaysians is still rather low.

Perhaps the fact that solar panels can provide potential returns on investment as quickly as five years — and if excess RE could be sold back to Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) — could push more Malaysians to embrace the concept.

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