Malaysia is building a trio of sustainable biodiverse islands for people to live on

Really? Also, why not build it on the Straits side, so we can increase our marine boundaries?

Dateline 2020-08-28, Lonely Planet:

Malaysia is building three artificial islands off the coast of Penang all centred around sustainability, biodiversity and livability, complete with autonomous public transport networks, lots of green spaces and radical design projects.
Each island is shaped in the form of a lilypad and will be composed of mixed-use districts that can house up to 18,000 residents each, as well as beaches, urban wetlands, public parks, forests, cultural quarters, technology hubs and a 25-kilometer-long waterfront. It’s a car-free environment where each district is connected by a land, water and air-based autonomous public transport networks, as well as cycle lanes and elevated boardwalks for pedestrians. The islands will be powered by renewable energy, while the buildings will be constructed from bamboo and Malaysian timber, as well as recycled materials.

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