Petronas’ role in the larger economy

Dateline 2019-08-30, The Malaysian Reserve:

PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) is set to announce its second-quarter (2Q) financial results soon. The performance of Malaysia’s most profitable company will be watched eagerly by the market and its sole shareholder — the government.

As the state-owned energy company is the nerve centre of the country’s oil and gas sector, Petronas’ financial performance is critical to the wider economy. It is after all the most successful company based on revenues, profits and other financials. It is also celebrating its 45th birthday this year.

Indicators suggest Petronas’ listed downstream businesses would influence its overall profit, despite the average global oil price not tumbling to the dismal levels of January 2016.

Its upstream business, which accounts for about 55% of the group’s revenue, had been averaging at US$65 (RM273) a barrel level for the Brent contract from April to June this year, compared to above US$70 in the corresponding period last year.


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