Petronas study awards for 34 students


Dateline 2018-06-30, Daily Express:

Eighteen-year-old school leaver, Randy Philip, had to teach while at the same time study for his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exam so he could earn some pocket money to go to school.

Although the Keningau lad comes from a small family of three siblings, he was aware that the hard earned income of his lorry driver father was barely enough, hence his decision to start his own tuition class to help lighten his financial commitment to his family.

“I ran a tuition class for a small group of students who were my juniors. I did it so that my father would not have to worry about giving me pocket money,” he said.

Despite having to teach and study at the same time, Randy scored 9As in the examination last year, an achievement that later earned him a scholarship from the national oil company, Petronas, to continue his studies in chemical engineering at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in Perak.

He was one of 34 outstanding school leavers from the state who were awarded the scholarship under the company’s long running education flagship programme in a ceremony held here, Friday.

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