IEM Shout Out – 2017-10 Pre AGM Talk on “Plastics Film Extrusion Processes, Applications and How Chemical Engineers Could Embed in This Industry”

My technical division will be hosting a talk on the 7th October, 2017. It is worth 2 CPD points, and held at Wisma IEM. The talk will be presented by Mr. Oh

Plastics Film Extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process in which resin is melted and formed into a continuous profile. Different processes used to produce Plastics Films, various types of Plastics Films available in the market and its applications will be discussed. Advantages of Chemical Engineers to compete in Plastics Film Extrusion will be discussed, and several success stories of Chemical Engineers in Plastics Film industry will be shared during the talk.

Mr. Oh obtained his Advanced Diploma in Engineering, TAR College in 1992, he pursued his Master Degress In Engineering from University of Warwick, UK in 1996. He worked in Plastics Films Industry until year 2005 before he started his career path in Training Industry. He trained huge number of working adults throughout Malaysia on Plastics Materials and Film Extrusion topics. He works as technical consultant for film extrusion organisation. He also committee members of The Plastics & Rubber Institute Malaysia (PRIM). He operating his training & development company currently, providing technical training and consultancy services to the industry. He also partnerred with Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) in providing Plastics Technology training to their members utilising Human Resource Development Funds .

Register here, or download the form here.

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