Gas Malaysia hikes tariffs for non-power sector by nearly 6%

Dateline 2016-06-29, The Star:

Gas Malaysia Bhd is raising the natural gas tariffs for the non-power sector in Peninsular Malaysia by 5.95% with effect from July 15.

The gas supply company said on Wednesday the average gas tariff will be revised upwards by RM1.52 per one million British terminal unit (MMBtu) or 5.95% from RM25.53 per MMBtu to RM27.05 per MMBtu.

“The tariff revision is in line with the national rationalisation plan and gas cost pass through  (GCPT) mechanism that will see the revision of piped gas price taking place every six months,” it said.

Gas Malaysia said there would be no change to the selling prices for residential customers, which is under category A, at RM19.52.

 “While the tariff revision has no material impact on Gas Malaysia’s business operations, it is expected to contribute positively towards the financial position of the company for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2016,” it said.

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