Firms ink deal for unmanned aerial vehicle

We are approaching pilotless helicopters.

Dateline 2016-01-19, Borneo Post:

The oil and gas industry here shall see yet another evolution in its offshore facility with the usage of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to monitor, observe and collect data.

During a UAV presentation and signing of an agreement between Fatimah Bersatu Sdn Bhd (FBSB) and Evo Sdn Bhd at a hotel here yesterday, FBSB executive chairman Sazali Abdul Rahman said the new technology was set to eliminate unnecessary trouble.

“The main objective of us here is to create awareness among local business community, government agencies, stakeholders and the like of the benefit of the need to rely on technology such as UAV to perform data collection in difficult to reach remote areas.

“Of course, the signing of agreement with Evo Sdn Bhd is intended for the purchase or lease of operation and maintenance support for the setting up a UAV hub in Miri,” Sazali said.

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