(revised) IEM Shout Out – One-Day Workshop on Rock Blasting and Explosive Engineering

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will hosting the above seminar on Wednesday the 15th Oct, 2015 by Mr. Mohamad Razif Kemat, Mr. Yap Hong Hor, and Ir. Look Keman Sahari.

This Workshop will be a series of Courses on the Application of Explosives in mining, quarrying and Construction industries tailored to the engineers and other professionals such as Safety personnel who need to know how explosives are used safely and efficiently in rock blasting operation, mining, quarrying, and construction industries.

The Workshop will introduce the various types of explosives used in the commercial application and suitability of particular explosives for a particular application. The right choice of an initiation system, for example, will determine the degree of disturbance to the public and the potential complaints from them which may cause delays in a blasting project. This may also help the project manager to understand the proposal made by the consulting engineer or blasting engineer for a particular blasting project instead of just depend on blasting contractor’s proposal which purely focus on the cheapest costs.
The Workshop is also a good introduction to those who wish to learn about the productive use of explosives in our life. It includes lectures and demonstration of explosive products (dummy samples) used in our industries.As a result of fast pace development housing, business centres, factories etc are being built near existing structures. Development within city areas for examples requires firm foundation below the surface where underground space are also used as car parks, LRT stations, bus station etc. Excavation of underground space requires the removal of soil and also rocks. In both Selangor and Penang Island the need for building new houses for expanding population requires the cutting and levelling of hilly areas. All these require the use of explosives.


You can register here. Flyers may be obtained here.

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