Foreign interest in Sabah SOGIP

Hail Eastern Europe.

Dateline 2015-08-05, Daily Express:

The district will be receiving foreign investments worth many billion Ringgit to build mega projects related to the oil and gas (O&G) industry here.

Member of Parliament Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, who disclosed this, said projects are expected to be constructed at the Sipitang Oil and Gas Industrial Park (SOGIP) in Sindumin that will have a huge impact on the development of O&G industry and socio-economic aspects here.

“I was made to understand that several foreign companies have shown interest to invest in our oil and gas industry in particular in SOGIP here that has a total acreage of 4.065-acre, as it is the only site exclusively for the O&G industry in Sabah.

“One particular investor is from Romania who have contacted the State Government through the Industrial Development Ministry to show their interest to spend their money in constructing a project in SOGIP. Only the concerned authorities would know the details on specific project that Romania hopes to invest here.

“These upcoming projects would bring positive impact to the industry and development of infrastructure and social development as well as helping the government in bringing about rapid development in the O&G industry in the State,” he said.

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