MyCAN urges Malaysians to reject nuclear-related bill

Please support the bill. It’s an enabler of my golden parachute plan. And it implicitly means that the rakyat doesn’t trust the brotherhood of local engineers to partake in such a project. Where you sit on this? Get it, my CAN? Sigh, my standup comedic talents are wasted.

Dateline 2015-08-04, The Rakyat Post (who?):

Due to the perilous repercussions, a coalition of NGOs called Malaysian Coalition Against Nuclear (MyCAN) has called on Malaysians, including Members of Parliament (MP), to reject the Atomic Energy Regulatory Bill.

In a statement, today, MyCAN urged MPs on both sides of the political divide to heed the concerns of civil society and demands that the nuclear power project be terminated on grounds of public health and safety, economics, energy security, environmental protection and sustainable development.

MyCAN, which comprises of NGOs such as Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) and Sahabat Alam Malaysia, rejected the Atomic Energy Regulatory Bill, which was likely to be tabled at the next parliamentary sitting from Oct 19 to Dec 3.

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