IEM Shout Out – Brief Look at an Offshore Project Journey – Engineering Roles Beyond Detail Design

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will hosting the above talk by Ir. Tg. Fadziliaton on the 14th  March, 2015. Turn up by 8.30 to obtain nasi lemak.

The talk will gives a brief look on the journey of a typical oil and gas offshore project from FEED, Detail Design, Procurement, Fabrication up to the Commissioning.

Typically, a design engineer involvements is limited to the initial one or two stages of the project before they move on to the next project, more often due to end of their contract. The next stage of project is handled by a different group / team which does not have design engineers from the previous stages.

The design will usually evolve during each stage of the project even right up to the commissioning stage. It is very essential to keep every change to the minimum while maintaining the intended purpose of the design and to ensure a smooth information flow of these changes throughout the project. An awareness of the impact on change to the design beyond detail design stage i.e. procurement and fabrication needs to maintained.

Therefore, the design engineer should be involved and attached to a project up to and perhaps beyond the Commissioning stage, to support the above aims.

The objective of the talk is to familiarize with the stages of a project, the process and challenges of each stages and emphasis the important of information flow and the roles of the design engineer during each stage of the project.

Ir. Tengku Fadziliaton graduated from Loughborough University of Technology with degree in Chemical Engineering in 1997. She has started her career in the upstream oil and gas industry 17 years ago and has experience in detail design, fabrication, commissioning and operation in process engineer capacity. She has involved in projects for wellhead platforms, processing platforms and FPSOs as well as being part of operation support team for the same.

She is currently Senior Process Engineer in Engineering and Commissioning department in Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company.

Register here, and pick up the brochure here.

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