IEM Shout Out – Talk On Integrated Waste Recovery and Regeneration System (REGEN System) in Palm Oil Mill

This is a shout out for the IEM. The Chemical Engineering Technical Division (know as CETD to friends) will be an afternoon talk on Friday, 12th Dec, 2014 by Dr. Denny K. S. Ng and Dr. David L. K. Lim.

As pointed out by National Biomass Strategy 2020, Malaysia had 83 million dry tonnes of palm-based biomass in 2012 with an estimated value of RM 24.9 billion. This is expected to increase to approximately 100 million dry tonnes by 2020.  Besides, palm oil mill effluent (POME) is also expected to increase to 100 million tonnes by 2020.  Based on the huge amount of palm-based biomass and POME available, there is a huge potential to recover and regenerate those biomasses into value-added products. To fully recover the biomasses, an integrated waste recovery and regeneration system (REGEN System) in palm oil mill is developed.  In this talk, an overview of REGEN system is presented. Besides, applications of REGEN system in palm oil mill are also discussed.

As for the speakers:

Dr. Denny K. S. Ng is the Founding Director of Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research and Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.  He is also the Manager of Professional Training at the Centre of Excellence for Green Technologies and Research Theme Associate of Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC). His areas of specialisation include energy management, resource conservation via process integration techniques (pinch analysis and mathematical optimisation), synthesis and analysis of biomass processing and integrated bio refineries, as well as energy planning for greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Dr. David L. K. Lim is the Managing Director of Eureka Synergy Sdn. Bhd. Besides, he is also Executive Director of Havys Oil Mill Sdn. Bhd., Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd., etc. Dr. David Lim received his PhD in rotor-dynamic engineering from Staffordshire University, UK in 1994.  He has more than 15 years of hand-on experience in palm oil industry including designing of palm oil mill, development of biomass processing technologies, etc.

You can register here, and download the form here.

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