New O&G group aims to help Sabah firms get bigger slice of industry pie

I pronounce MOGSC as Mog-see. SOGSC, Sog-gy? And how come there is no mention of MOGSC in the article?

Dateline 2014-08-02, Malay Mail:

A newly-formed group is aiming to provide oil-and-gas sector suppliers in Sabah with the needed skills and contacts to tap into the industry that offers tens of billions of ringgit in jobs.

Calling itself the Sabah Oil and Gas Services Council (SOGSC), it says it will aggressively conduct technical programmes in collaboration with key industry players such as Petronas to enable members to gain the expertise to service such companies.

“The potential for Sabah’s oil and gas industry is extremely high, and we need to leverage this to better benefit Sabahan service providers.

“Currently they are not well-equipped with the right skills and knowledge to support the industry and jobs are going out to foreign companies from West Malaysia and elsewhere,” said SOGSC secretary Willie Ng during a press conference here today.

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