IEM Shout Out – Overview Of Aboveground Atmospheric Storage Tanks In Oil And Gas Facilities

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will be having a talk on 13th April. It’ll be at 9:00 am (makan-makan at 8:30) at Wisma IEM. We do have a lift, so no excuse. I have bad knees, and still manage to crawl up 2 flights.

Storage tanks are common equipment found in oil and gas facilities. They are used for temporary storage of products prior to being transferred to the next process activity. Atmospheric Storage Tanks operate under no or very little pressure, distinguishing them from pressure vessels.

The talk will provide an overview on the types of Aboveground Atmospheric Storage Tanks commonly used in the Oil and Gas industry. Some of the common types will be Fixed-Roof type and Floating-Roof type. The talk will also explain in more details the accessories associated with the tanks such as the Breather Valve, Floating Roof Drain, Floating Roof Seal, Rolling Ladders, Liquid Level Indicator, Anti Rotation Device and Roof Legs.

Some common failures in Aboveground Atmospheric Storage Tanks such as Pontoon leaks, Roof Drain puncture, Bottom Plate leak, Shell thinning and others will be shared, followed by typical types of Non Destructive Tests (NDTs) and Inspection carried out during erection and scheduled maintenance of these tanks.

The above will be presented by Ir. Alzakri B. Ekhwan. He is a Principal Engineer for Static-Unfired Equipment. He was graduated in 1993 from the University of Bath, UK in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently based in PETRONAS Penapisan Melaka Sdn. Bhd. (PP(M)SB) and has more than 19 years of experience in maintenance, design, fabrication, inspection and construction of Static Equipment in the Oil and Gas industry.

You can register for the event here, and retrieve the flier here.

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