GLCs and PLCs

Most Malaysians are aware of the definition and commercial-political implications of a GLC. here are some independently compiled lists here, here, here and here.

However, I hypothesize there is such a thing as a PETRONAS linked company. (PLC). What would be the character of these mythological beasts? How about I start by saying one of the following must be present:

  1. The management or grand high poobahs must consist of high ranking ex-PETRONAS staff of  flag country vintage.
  2. Said management is in favour with current PETRONAS grand high poobahs.
  3. PLC may have a indirect, obfuscated,  commercial link with PETRONAS (this eliminates the companies listed in the lobby of Tower 1) or individual flag country staff mentioned above.
  4. Invitations to bid (ITB) will be fabricated such that the PLC capabilities stand out as the only possible candidate for the job.
  5. Missteps by the GLC will be attributed to RLC (rakyat linked companies) working for the GLC.
  6. Always part of PETRONAS mega projects.
  7. The hoi polloi, that is us grunts in trenches always wonder, how the heck did this company AlphaBetaGamma win his job?

Who do you think would meet the above criteria. Lekas-lekas, spew out your answers here.

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