Jeffrey: Beware oil ‘slick’ trap by Sabah BN

Guess what topic related to O&G is hot on the political bucket lists nowadays? Puchong wants it petroleum royalties, sorry wang ehsan as well.

Dateline 2012-08-23:

Maverick politician Jeffrey Kitingan warned the ruling Umno-BN state government not to use Sabah’s oil riches as an election gimmick to gain favour with the electorate.

He said the “so-called review will test the sincerity” of the federal government and the Sabah leaders as well as the “extent of the federal-state relationship.”

“If Musa is truly a Sabahan at heart, this is the most opportune time to not only seek a review but to demand and negotiate a new deal for Sabah’s oil and gas resources for the benefit of Sabah and its future.

4 Responses to Jeffrey: Beware oil ‘slick’ trap by Sabah BN

  1. Aishah says:

    Happie Eid Mubarak to you too Raz..

    Salam and good morning.

    I am Aishah and a newbie in OnG field..

    It is so interesting to finally found a blog full of information about OnG.

    Nice to know you ya.. 🙂

  2. Aishah says:

    Thank you Wata. What I am looking for actually is the list of Rig Operators in Malaysia. It is one of my job scope to approach them. FYI, we are currently fabricating and assembling rig in our yard. 🙂

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