Note-worthy Protocol

For good or bad, some compatriots in the O&G industry have involved themselves in the music scene. Let’s see, I know people in metal, malay, karaoke… anyone want to own up?

Dateline 2012-01-15:

EVERY weekday morning, members of rock band Kyoto Protocol put on their working clothes and head for the office. But when night falls, they change into washed-out shirts and shorts and head for a jamming session.
All five members (aged between 24 and 28) — Ahmad Fuad Alhabshi (vocals/guitar), Gael Oliveres (vocals /keyboard), Hairi Haneefa (guitar), Shakeil Bashir (bass/vocals) and Shanjeev Reddy (drums) — have good reason for keeping their day jobs.

“To be honest, the income from a day job frees us from feeling that we have to play what people want to hear and we can be truly creative with our music,” says Ahmad, also fondly known as Fuad.

He is a financial analyst, while Oliveres owns and manages a public relations company. Shakeil is a Masters student in Australia, Hairi is an engineer in the oil and gas industry …

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