Shout Out – IChemE EGM

The Institution of Chemical Engineers Malaysia is sending out  a notice of an extraordinary general meeting on the 5th December, 2009. Details are:

  • Time: 09.00 am
  • Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat,  Ground Floor,  Fakulti Kejuruteraan & Alam Bina,
  • UKM Bangi
  • Agenda: Constitution amendments

The constitution amendment is to raise the annual subscription of members. For a member like me, the cost of my subscription goes up by 20+%. Guess which way I’ll vote?

3 Responses to Shout Out – IChemE EGM

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    For what? i think its because Johan is raising the rent for IChemE.

  2. Mike Carr says:

    Just out of interest – how much are your subscriptions in Malaysia these days.

    Thanks Michael Carr (FIChemE)

    • Wata says:

      Mike Carr: That is a timely question. Subscription rates are currently on the front page of the MyIEM website. Fellow RM265, Member RM155, Student, RM155 max. The other grades are published on the website.

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