Trip to Jakarta – Ambhara Hotel

Doing my marketing rounds, fate had it that I spend a few nights at the Ambhara Hotel, across the road from Pasaraya Blok M. Prior to this, I didn’t even notice there was a hotel there. It was designed in the old school style, lots of marble, overstuffed sofas, and an afternoon tea cart in the lobby.

Gotta stay there again during my next trip.

3 Responses to Trip to Jakarta – Ambhara Hotel

  1. Anoni says:

    Aya Wata…
    Cari lah blok lain, ke Blok M jugak dia pergi… he he he…

    JabbaTheHut… U too at the Blok M?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      I only go there to shop at Papaya supermarket. Its the corner japanese supermarket, same row with Hotel Melawai. (location of the infamous Maribaya Bar…. heh heh heh)

      • Wata says:

        Jabba c/o Hutt: Maybe for my next Jakarta trip, I should take photos aroung Maribaya, after spending a couple of days blending in, like any good process engineer.

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