Business Visit – Bintulu

Second time I’ve been in Bintulu in 3 weeks. Place must be growing on me. I thank the people at MLNG for being kind enough to see me at such short notice.

4 Responses to Business Visit – Bintulu

  1. Patlawpk says:

    hi mr Wata, may i know how is the MLNG business doing? any potential to sell more valves to the LNG industries based in Bintulu ? Thanks for the advice and attention

    • Wata says:

      patlawpk: selling valves isn’t my thing. All I know is that MLNG is an old asset, and I suppose there’s always requirement to purchase new valves. The trick is to persuade them to replace all the valves at once, during a scheduled shutdown… which is currently ongoing, I believe.

  2. Patlawpk says:

    hmm..glad to hear from you, how about offshore platform, do they have the valve requirements? any new or upcoming platform in Bintulu Offshore?

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