Radios and Perforation Activities

One thing I always wondered was why radio communication is banned during a perforation exercise. For those not in the know, perforation as explained by opcharlie is blasting through the production casing of a well so that hydrocarbons from the reservoir are able to make their way into the production string. Kinda like making holes in a blocked off straw so that your drink can enter the straw, and be sucked into your mouth.

Steps in perforating a production string

‘Blast’ is the correct word, as explosives are used to perforate the production casing. The triggering of the explosives is done by a remote control. There is a concern that the inadvert triggering of the explosives may be caused by radio equipment. Hence, when a perf operation is underway, no radio equipment is allowed to operate. Portable handhelds may be recalled back from personnel, and an equipment tally is performed.

What I would like to know is, how many near misses / injuries / fatalities have occured due to radio equipment triggering perf explosives? This may happen if:

  • the perf gun goes off before it enters the production string
  • permature release when it goes off before reaching the required depth.

2 Responses to Radios and Perforation Activities

  1. jabbathehutt says:

    jabba needs to buy some of these explosive. As a sadistic dictator of a salt mine, it would be fun to strap some of these perf gun around my slave and get them to run. i can do an experiment to find out the range of my radio device then.

    Oh by the way, you offshore guys must have some special mobile phones, i can’t get a decent signal sitting inside the toilet of my mobile operator’s building, but you can actually get signal downhole. amazing!

  2. Wata says:

    To jabba: I never said anything about mobile phones. Try hand-held radios. Another market you can corner.

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