Expensive Trees

A tale told me. A manager reminiscing about the past describes how during a discussion, he wondered why christmas trees were sooo expensive. Was the company getting a bum deal?

Hah, talk about confusing terminology. To the layman, a christmas tree is:

Children\'s tree

To oil and gas engineers, a christmas tree is:

Notice the lack of leaves, needles and decorations.


9 Responses to Expensive Trees

  1. zidni says:

    christmas tree engrs get more highlight because their work related to barrels. reservoir/production engrs too.

    unlike system engrs.

  2. emma says:

    d only x-mas tree on the sea 😛

  3. kerang says:

    Talking about X’Mas tree…
    Normally Gas field got single string & Oil field got dual strings (Short/Long) of x’mas tree.
    Imagine CITHP=800psi…

  4. Shaiful says:

    See, I can hold the “Expensive Trees

  5. Remi says:

    It is planted deep sea more than 800m above sea level hehehe….expensive tree consist of oil production tree, gas injection tree and water injection tree which will be connected via jumpers to the distribution manifolds.

  6. Remi says:

    waaaa so sorryla ..correction below sea level lol

    • Rig Rat says:

      If you have not seen one don’t lie. It is situated in a platform if it is a surface tree and on the seabed if it is subsea.

      The tree houses the valves that is manipulated for wellworks, production and etc.

      CITHP 800psig is nothing. Can go up to 2000psig (even more than that) for large bore gas wells. wellheads.

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