Article ‘Kenapa BN Mahu Sangat Rampas Kelantan’ – Take 4

Still commenting on the above article, I had some word on the map.

Peta rangkaian hidrokarbon Semenanjung Malaysia

First thing I would like to point out is that the author says the green and blue line represents an oil transportation system.

At the moment, peninsular Malaysia has no oil transportation system. And there are no plans to have a consumer level transportation system (i.e. from refinery to distribution centre, to being piped into petrol stations and the like).

The blue line going from Kota Bharu to Gurun is possibly referring to the Trans-Peninsular Pipeline, which is getting a lot of press release last month (April, 2008). The pipeline will be used to transport crude from Yan to KB, with the intent of saving the travel time to send crude carriers around the Malaysian Peninsular via the Malacca Straits.

You can read articles on the commercial feasibility of the pipeline here and here.

4 Responses to Article ‘Kenapa BN Mahu Sangat Rampas Kelantan’ – Take 4

  1. Wookie Chewwy says:

    but still, the question lingers … why….. why… not too obvious

  2. jabbathehutt says:

    ho ho ho, I’ll take Kelantan if no one’s into it.

  3. ihsham shah says:

    Wata…looking sharp as usual…nice blog…am doing a feasibility study and need help, drop me an email believe you are the right person. Looks like you are doing great outside. Please form an EX EMEPMI club…sure you can take the lead.

  4. Wata says:

    Ihsham: thanks for the support. I’ll send you my email address. I am seriously considering taking a survey as to how wide the ex-EPMI (sue me, Ihsham and I are old timers) network really is!

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