Business Idea – Produce SIM address book reader

I know, the title is a strange ‘un, but hear me out. I, like a few other Malaysians , have a land phone line. However, most of the time it is convenient to make a call using my cell phone, thanks to the address book feature. On the down side, a cell phone call is more expensive than a land line call. So, I trade off cost for convenience.

How, how about someone coming out with a device that can read contacts off your SIM card, possibly store it in its memory, and then be used to dial out via your land line? I suggest storing the contacts in its memory, as it might be inconvenient to switch SIM cards in and out. It might need some logic to decode the various forms of numbers which are kept in the card (1234567, 0121234567, +60121234567, etc), but maybe TMwould be interested in such a product. Maybe incorporate it with their CLIP (caller line identification) function. Hey, maybe even integrate it with their Homeline SMS. 

What would be your price sweet spot? RM30?

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