Rafizi to fight for viable retail oil industry

March 17, 2015

Why the long faces? Oil prices go up and down. When they go back up to USD100 this 2H2015, will there be an outcry from the retailers?

Dateline 2015-01-08, FMT:

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli has warned that profit margins in the retail oil industry are being squeezed between advance purchases of oil by station owners, reduction in pump prices at monthly intervals as the oil market declines, and government taxes.

He called for pump prices to be fixed on a weekly basis and station operators be allowed to collect petrol and diesel supplies on a consignment basis as the practice is elsewhere in the world.

Malaysia Restricts Foreign Gas Station

May 19, 2010

And I thought it was hard to open a non-Pertamina gas station in Indonesia… any station owners want to comment on this article?

VIVAnews, dateline 2010-4-27:  – Setting up gas stations in Malaysia is apparently not as easy as it is in Indonesia, who lets every multinational oil company opens up new stations. It is difficult for PT Pertamina to establish a petrol station in Malaysia, just like Petronas did in Indonesia.

“Applying for a permit to build a gas station in Malaysia takes three years,” Pertamina Marketing and Trade Director Djaelani Sutomo said in Jakarta on Tuesday, April 27.