Marketing Rounds – Write Up from an Intern

I got one of my interns to write up their experiences with IGL. The following is posted verbatim:

I believe that everything that happens in our life, happens for a good reason. After applying for a few companies and not getting a positive reply, I received an email from Ir.Razmahwata who is the director of IGL Services Sdn Bhd. I was thrilled and thankful that I have finally secured a place for my internship. Many of my friends discouraged me from joining a small company since we will get a smaller allowance..haha..:) But for me personally, internship is not about earning money, it’s about earning valuable experiences. Therefore, I accepted Ir.Razmahwata’s offer. Just like many other students, I was really nervous thinking whether I will be able to adapt to the real working environment. However, the moment I entered my office, I was welcomed by Ir.Razmahwata with a pleasant smile followed by my other colleagues. I took around a week to adapt my new atmosphere. I learnt how to work under stress, multitask, the importance of communication skills, responsibility but I also learnt that the most important criteria for a successful person is the right attitude. Right attitude is extremely important not only because it will make people really comfortable being around us but it also enables us to learn new things in life easily.

Being an intern in IGL Service Sdn Bhd has been a great experience for me. This is because the employees were really friendly with each and other and they were always willing to help each and other even when they are busy. I was really impressed with each one of them who were always willing to guide me and correct me when I am wrong. Moreover, Ir.Razmahwata has been a great inspiration to me. The desire to become a successful engineer grew stronger after talking to him and listening to his advice. Furthermore, all IGL Service Sdn Bhd employees consider themselves as a part of a big family. This has made my internship in IGL Service Sdn Bhd more fun and interactive. I will definitely miss being an intern in IGL Services Sdn Bhd because it has given me so many beautiful memories to be cherished for a lifelong.

Even though saying thank you is not enough to describe my gratitude towards IGL Services Sdn Bhd, I would still  want to thank Ir.Razmahwata for accepting me as an intern in the company and guiding me and thank you very much to all my colleagues who accepted me as a part of IGL family. IGL Services Sdn Bhd has made my internship experience really valuable and great.

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