Go beyond technical limits, local engineers, technicians urged

December 27, 2018

Dateline 2018-11-08, Borneo Post:

Local engineers and technicians must have the motivation to take on some challenges by going beyond the technical limits of engineering to help solve the problems here.

The Upskilling Sarawak Engineers and Technicians (USET) taskforce chairman Pau Kiew Huai said now with new challenges, engineers and technicians need to think of innovative ways to do things correctly.

He said this during the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) conference on plant reliability at Kidurong Club on Tuesday.

He said this is where the taskforce comes in to help in the capability building of engineers and technicians in Sarawak to cope with modern world and the challenge of new technologies.

Bintulu boy Pau on cloud nine atop MLNG

December 29, 2016

Dateline 2016-11-21, Borneo Post:

A Bintulu boy has been leading Malaysia LNG Group of Companies (MLNG) since last April.

For Pau Kiew Huai, pushing an ageing plant to produce a world-class performance is a massive challenge for Petronas subsidiary MLNG, which manages and operates the Petronas LNG Complex (PLC).

But sustaining the company’s financial performance under the duress of a prolonged oil and LNG price slump is something Pau Kiew Huai and his 1,500-strong team must deliver.

When Pau was appointed to the post, the global oil price was below USD30 per barrel. Hence, it was an appointment very few people would envy.

But Pau viewed the challenges as opportunities to prove that the impossible is possible.

His experience as an engineer at MLNG will come in handy. It taught him to be self reliant, disciplined and committed.