Cameron and Natco – A Cosy Family

April 11, 2010

Here’s some old news I only heard recently. To quote from the website:

Cameron acquires NATCO and integrates NATCO with Petreco to create Cameron’s Process Systems, the industry’s Total Solution Provider.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of Process Systems, so either it reaaaally isn’t the industry’s TSP, or I’m way behind on reading my trade paper subscriptions.

Now, Cameron has offices in Malaysia which are PETRONAS licensed. So, I wonder how the Scomi Natco tie-up via Scomi NTC is going to proceed?

Then again, Cameron provides valves to UOP, a competitor to NATCO, so I guess companies will jump in bed with whoever provides the most pleasing outcome.

Here’s how I perceive the services provided by the companies mentioned above:

  • Cameron – Wellhead equipment
  • NATCO – Separation solutions
  • Scomi – hmmm, I have had no technical dealings with them. Though it does crop up in the news for other reasons.
  • UOP – Separation solutions