Malaysia to implement Euro 4M specifications for 95 RON gasoline in Oct 2018

April 12, 2017

Dateline 2017-03-01, S&P Global:

Malaysia has set a timeline of October 1, 2018 to implement Euro 4M gasoline specifications for the 95 RON grade in the country, according to a Malaysian government official.

Malaysia implemented Euro 4M for 97 RON gasoline at retail stations in September 2015, but has yet to make the switch for 95 RON gasoline.

The country plans to implement Euro 5-compliant fuels for 95 RON and 97 RON gasoline on September 1, 2025, and Euro 5 diesel on September 1, 2020, according to the country’s clean fuels roadmap, said Datuk Shahrol Halmi, director of Oil, Gas & Energy at the Performance Management and Delivery Unit in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Oil companies are free to introduce Euro 4M and Euro 5 gasoline and diesel specifications earlier than the stipulated timeline, Halmi said.