Double wins for Sime Darby and Petronas at IChemE Malaysia Awards

MySET and IEM need to give out more awards to pockets-that-be.

Dateline 2022-10-18, The Chemical Engineer:

SIME Darby and Petronas both won two awards at IChemE’s annual Malaysia Awards, held virtually on 17 October.

Sime Darby won the Sustainability and Palm Oil categories for using enzymes to enhance palm oil recovery. IChemE said that the company’s easily adaptable, low cost, and more sustainable process improves palm oil extraction rates as well as increasing revenue.

Petronas Group Research and Technology won the Oil and Gas category for a nanobubble flotation technology that removes oil from water. Meanwhile, Petronas Penapisan won the Process Safety award for creating Chemical Hazard Reactivity and Physical Hazard Compatibility Charts in response to the port warehouse explosion that killed more than 200 people in Lebanon in 2020. The charts were implemented to help ensure adequate controls are taken on site and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

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