Big chunk of fuel subsidy enjoyed by T20 group, 53 sen of every RM1 goes to the rich – Tengku Zafrul

For the love of Mat Kilau, put subsidies into public transport already, and keep the bus fracking lanes clear of people parking cars like me.

Dateline 2022-05-17,

Fuel subsidy, costly as it is, will remain in Malaysia. However, it’s no secret that the government is looking at a more targeted approach to fuel subsidy, as opposed to the current blanket subsidised price, which is enjoyed by all Malaysians, whether rich or poor.

According to finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, Malaysia’s rich are enjoying the bulk of government subsidies. He said that the T20 group, the top 20% earners, benefitted from more than half of the RM4 billion the government has spent on petroleum subsidies this year, till March, due to the blanket subsidy method.

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