Government urged to bear temporary rise in fuel prices

Nope, educate riff raff like me to be efficient energy users. And efficient water users. And efficient food users. I mean, using a gas guzzler to go to a store 100m away, and idle in front of it for 30 minutes?

Dateline 2022-02-08, NST:

Business groups have urged the government to intervene and bear the temporary rise in fuel prices rather than impose an electricity tariff hike.

11 business associations and trade groups, in a joint statement today, pointed out that the recent electricity tariff hike would only “set the train of inflation further” and ring a death knell for many businesses and enterprises.

Businesses, they said, would not be able to absorb the “humongous” hike even if the economy was thriving.

“The sudden and immediate implementation of the hike in electricity charges is shocking in so many ways.

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