Petronas sees carbon capture as business potential

Do you think this will come back and bite Petronas later, like the O&G claims re: global warming and the plastics recycling debacle?

Dateline 2021-12-07, Malaysian Reserve:

PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) is looking into the possibility of deploying more low carbon solutions in the long term, with a project on carbon capture and storage (CCS) on the horizon.

Petronas chief sustainability officer Charlotte Wolff-Bye told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) that CCS presents the firm with the potential to solve the technical challenge it is facing with high CO2 assets and projects.

“Hydrocarbons per se are not the problem, but it is the emissions that we must address. In our sector, important means are improving energy efficiency, reducing flaring and venting, considering electrification of power supply and so on.

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