US Think-Tank: China Coast Guard Harasses Malaysian Oil, Gas Operation Off Sarawak

Dateline 2021-07-08, Radio Free Asia (Is this like the Voice of America, Or Hanoi Hannah?)

Chinese coast guard ships since early June have been putting pressure on and harassing new Malaysian oil and gas projects in the South China Sea off Sarawak state on Borneo Island, a U.S.-based think-tank said in a report released this week.

Malaysian state-run oil company Petronas, which runs such off-shore operations, meanwhile announced on Wednesday that it signed a 10-year, U.S. $7 billion deal to provide liquid natural gas to a subsidiary of the China National Offshore Oil Corp.

That same day, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative issued a report alleging that ships from the China Coast Guard (CCG) have been “contesting” new Malaysian oil and gas development in waters off the coast of Sarawak.

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