For my sins, I have been honoured to be one of the Programme Subcommittee Members for this event.

The role of a Technical Programme Subcommittee member is to develop the technical programme
for the conference. They support the Subcommittee Chair and Vice Chair in carrying out committee responsibilities.

The schedule of milestones is:

10 March 2021

Issue Call for Papers
March-July 2021Review/Rate Abstracts
14 April 2021 Technical Programme Committee Organisational Meeting
25 June 2021Abstract Submission Deadline
11 August 2021Technical Programme Committee Selection Meeting
August 2021Session Chairs Begin Working with Authors
January-March 2022Manuscript and PowerPoint Presentation Submission and Review (No
Paper, No Podium
21 March 2022Pre-Conference Meeting: Programme Committee & Session Co-Chairs
22-25 March 2022OTC Asia

So, please support us if you are able. I know the costs are high, and that authors and presenter have to pay their way (really? Sounds like predatory journal tactics to me), but If you could support me, it would help me make targets.

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