Marine Dept to ensure probe into Dayang Topaz accident runs smoothly

It’s been a while. How big is that carpet, all this is swept under? Which hotshot’s children are being protected? It happened on Oct 27th, btw.

Dateline 2020-11-12:

The Malaysian Marine Department will ensure that the investigation into the MV Dayang Topaz accident incident runs smoothly.

Corporate Unit of the department in a statement today said the investigation team had gathered evidence from the vessel’s Voyage Data Recorder to complete the investigation on the Oct 27 incident which claimed the lives of two crewmen.

“The department has ensured all factors contributing to the occurrence of this accident are in detail and actions are taken to ensure the investigation runs smoothly,” said the statement.

The visit restrictions on board of MV Dayang Topaz had been lifted on Nov 6 to give way to third parties and Petronas to inspect the maintenance vessel.

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