Do not cry, Petronas. It is just a cycle…

Mark this writer. He believes it just a cycle. I posit the cause of the hit are non-cyclic events. Perhaps he will have a different opinion if s/he is personally affected by The Cooties, not in a good way.

Dateline 2020-09-07, Malaysian Reserve:

IN 2014, the world’s oil market crashed, sending the industry into tatters. The oil price plunge of 2014 came after more than six years of above US$100 (about RM415) a barrel oil price average.

After the spike of oil price after 2008, producers were demonised to ride the high price, pumping more oil and gas (O&G) from the ground, leading to an oil glut before prices fell like a meteor shower. Brent oil prices plummeted from US$120 to US$28.55 a barrel in January 2016.

It is a great plunge considering that crude oil spiked to more than US$160 per barrel after 2008.

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