Gas Malaysia releases distribution access arrangement document

Dateline 2020-07-14, The Edge:

LAST Tuesday, Gas Malaysia Bhd (GMB) released the access arrangement document for its gas distribution pipelines as part of the requirement to allow the implementation of the third-party access (TPA) regime in the Peninsular Malaysia gas market.

The document, approved by the Energy Commission (EC), was released by the natural gas distributor on its website.

The distribution access arrangement has been long awaited. It is one of the key pieces of the puzzle for allowing customers utilising the distribution pipelines to buy gas from their supplier of choice on a willing-buyer, willing-seller basis under the TPA regime, which was scheduled to commence at the start of the year.

Together with the EC-approved distribution base tariffs, the two components are required by third-party gas shippers to evaluate the costs and risks involved in using the infrastructure before approaching end consumers.

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