Malaysia: Oil tanker ‘MT Wan Da’ sinks off the coast of Johor; oil spill reported

Dateline 2020-04-16, Manifold Times:

The Johor-Bahru division of Malaysia Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) on Wednesday (15 April) reported the sinking of oil tanker MT Wan Da near Tanjung Penyusop in its initial investigations.

According to MRSC, the head office in Johor Bahru was first made aware of the incident from the Head of Tanjung Pengelih Maritime Zone who received a request from a shipping and forwarding company to carry out salvaging works on the vessel.

Rescue vessel Petir 11 of Tanjung Sedili Maritime Zone was on patrol at about 2.20 pm when it discovered an overturned vessel about 2.7 nautical miles off Tanjung Penyusop.

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