Local natural gas price cannot go in line with spot price: MGA

Dateline 2019-03-27, NST:

Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) says local natural gas price adjustments cannot go in line with fluctuating spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices.

This is because they are subject to long-term contracts with large industrial customers.

MGA said in Malaysia, the contracts offer them certainty in terms of managing their operations, with the natural gas price adjustments predicted beforehand.

It said the current global LNG prices are low as a result of a temporary imbalance in the supply-demand equilibrium.

“For now, Asian spot LNG prices have fallen because of oversupply given the new supply capacity in the United States and Australia, coupled by weakening demand owing to a milder-than-expected winter.

“Historically, such temporary imbalances are generally restored within a short time which will then increase the spot LNG prices,” it said in a statement.

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