Malaysia on target to become regional oil and gas hub: MPRC

Can I be the asylum keeper?

Dateline 2017-09-11, NST:

Malaysia is set to become the oil and gas hub by year 2020 and is well on target towards becoming a regional hub within three years.

Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC) said the country, deemed as one of the fastest growing economies in the Asia Pacific region and home to market-oriented economy and pro-business government policies, is also aims to ensure its local players to become regional players in the sector.

MPRC chief executive officer Datuk Shahrol Halmi said it is important to have Malaysia’s reputation at play to become a hub, and not just beating the drum claiming to be one.

“We also have strategies to ensure that we get there, and working hard to make sure it happens.

“It is crucial to attract the multinational companies (MNCs) to come to Malaysia and ensure that they make Malaysia as a regional base for the region.

“A hub is not just a hub. It brings other benefits to the Malaysian economy such as technology transfers, job opportunities and high-paying jobs as well,” Shahrol said in an exclusive interview with NST Business recently.

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