IEM Shout Out – 2017-08 Precision Engineering For Higher Value-Added Industrial Products

My technical division will be hosting a half day seminar on the 5th August, 2017. It is worth 3 CPD points, and held at Wisma IEM. The course will be presented by Professor R. C. T. Lee.

In this seminar, we shall first emphasize the importance of industry to economy of a nation.  We will then point out that Taiwan is facing tough challenging from China and we must upgrade our industry to the “precision industry”.  By precision industry, we mean products in such an industry are of high specification.   In other words, ordinary turn key industries will not survive in Taiwan at all.  But, to reach the sophisticated state, we must build a solid foundation on basic industrial technologies.  These technologies include mixing and dispersing, separation and purification, machine design, electronic circuit design, material science, grinding technology, soldering technology, software, control and so on.  We will present many cases to show how these basic industrial technologies help us produce industrial products with high added values.

Professor R. C. T. Lee obtained his B. S. degree in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University in 1961, M. S, degree in electrical engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1963 and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and computer science, also from U. C. Berkeley in 1967.  He worked in National Institutes of Health and Naval Research Laboratory in U.S.A. from 1967 to 1975. He returned to Taiwan in 1975 and was appointed a professor in the National Tsing Hua University.  Later, he was the President of Providence University as well as the President of National Chi-nan University.  Professor Lee formally retired in 2007.  Then he served as a senior adviser of the President for seven years.  He managed to persuade the Taiwanese government to pay attention to the basic industrial technologies, founded the Taiwan Society for Precision Engineering in 2014 and served as the chairman of the society for two years.

Register here, or download the form here.

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