Petronas wins big at IChemE Malaysia Awards

Dateline 2015-10-29, TCE:

PETRONAS had cause to celebrate at IChemE’s Malaysia Awards this week, winning three of the eight categories.

The state energy major scooped the Oil & Gas award, Sustainable Technology award and Young Chemical Engineer in Industry award, at a ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur on 26 October.

PETRONAS topped the oil and gas category for its development of a new low-viscosity drilling fluid – produced at its Melaka refinery – that operates at low temperature conditions, providing improved drilling conditions. The product – known as MG3DFTM – also has a low aromatic content and a higher flash point for improved safety and environmental performance.

It won the sustainable technology prize for developing a process to produce polyols and polyol esters – used in the production of polyurethanes and lubricants – from palm oil-based fatty acids rather than fossil feedstocks.  PETRONAS process safety engineer Ezmal b Ab Rashid won the Young Chemical Engineer in Industry prize for the pivotal role he plays in design safety for the company’s major capital projects.


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