Paltry federal contribution

Dateline 2016-11-26, Borneo Post:

“Foremost in our mind, critical in our pursuit to conserve depletable natural resources, is the petroleum justice that we owe it to ourselves, to Sarawak, and to our future generations to strategically conserve and utitlise it in the best interests of Sarawak.”

See said Sarawak, on shore and offshore, had been demarcated into 48 blocks or fields of oil and gas potentials.

Through the years, he said production sharing contracts (PSC) had been awarded over 27 of these fields, and 13 others were presently been promoted this year and the last.

“It is imperative for us to revivify Sarawak’s sovereign rights to this valuable natural resource, to assert our autonomy and authority over the remaining blocks and fields of oil and gas potentials yet to be awarded with PSC.”

He opined that Sarawak had sacrificed too much of its petroleum resources to the federation.

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