IEM Shout Out – 2016-11 Talk On Medical Gas Piping System : Requirement and Management

My technical division will be hosting a talk on the 17th December, 2016. It is worth 2 CPD points, and held at Wisma IEM. The course will be presented by Ir. Al-Khairi Mohd Daud.

Medical Gas Piping System (MGPS) is required to deliver medical gasses supply to patients and surgical tools in hospitals. The medical gasses include oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, Entonox, medical vacuum, anesthetic gas scavenging system, medical and surgical air. Since the gasses are delivered direct to patients the quality and reliability of the system is very important to ensure the live of the patients and the safety of the facilities.

The areas in hospital that are at high risk due to medical gas present are general ward, operating theatres, ICU/ITU/CCU/NICU, recovery, major treatment rooms, etc. The medical gas installation thus influence other installation electrical power system, firefighting system and ACMV system. There have been many reported cases of failures in the medical gas system that has resulted in complication in patients and even death. Thus, there is a need to have an Authorizing Engineer, Authorized Person and Competent Person to manage the MGPS. Soon they competent person need to be registered with Medical Gas Authority.

The speaker shall elaborate on the medical gas piping standard according to Health Technical Memorandum and soon to be published SIRIM standards.

Ir. Al-Khairi Mohd Daud has over 23 years of experienced in Oil and Gas, petrochemical, oleo chemical, manufacturing and facilities management He is the country expert for ASEAN Energy Management Accreditation Scheme and an expert in healthcare facilities management. He has assisted in drafting few Malaysian Standards including the Malaysian Standard for Quality in Healthcare. He has presented papers in national and international conference especially on maintenance and asset management. He is the owner of Faqeh Management who specialized in asset and energy management.

Register here, or download the form here.

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