Syed Azman: T’ganu should emulate S’wak

Must be time to prep for the General Election.

Dateline 2016-09-29, FMT:

A Terengganu lawmaker, inspired by Sarawak’s push for a larger share of oil and gas royalties, is embarking on a signature drive to get his state a better deal for its resources.

Speaking to FMT, Batu Burok Assemblyman Syed Azman Ahmad said Terengganu needed to emulate Sarawak and beckon the Federal Government and Petronas to the discussion table.

Sarawak’s push for greater state rights, especially those pertaining to oil and gas, has been a cornerstone of Adenan Satem’s tenure as Chief Minister of the state.

Syed Azman said Terengganu had been shortchanged since 2000, when the five per cent oil royalty it used to get was withdrawn and replaced with the so-called “wang ehsan” provided by Putrajaya.


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