Sarawak not your dumping ground for workers, DCM tells Petronas

PETRONAS staff in Sarawak, do you feel dumped?

Dateline 2016-08-17, Malay Mail:

Reports that Petronas will deploy 90 workers from the peninsula to Sarawak amid a discrimination row there was greeted angrily by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Masing.

Talks are ongoing between the state and the state oil firm over its alleged discrimination against Sarawakians, after 13 state natives lost their jobs in a restructuring exercise.

“Why does Petronas need 90 work permits when local Sarawakians in Petronas are being retrenched? Is Petronas doing the restructuring of its employees for trimming exercise due to the economic downturn, or are they replacing Sarawakians with West Malaysians? Is it retrenching or replacing or exercise?

“Petronas, please be transparent with us. We are not your dumping ground for peninsula employees,” he was quoted as saying by local news portal the Borneo Post.

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